In today’s digital age, where information is abundant and attention spans are short, the art of visual communication courses has become a potent force. Creative and global message delivery has become a critical competence that shapes decisions and shapes perceptions. Embarking on a journey through the undergraduate Visual Communication and Digital Design program opens doors to a world where words and images intertwine to educate, entertain, persuade, and inform. This intensive 4-year program is meticulously designed to prepare students for diverse careers, including Art Direction, Digital Design, Brand Strategy, Typography, Advertising, Illustration, Communication, and Graphic Design, among other creative specializations.

Structured Learning and Real-world Exposure

The curriculum spans foundational studies, design principles and techniques, concept development, and professional applications. The first two years, Labs 1 and 2, lay the groundwork with a focus on form, function, and basic elements of visual communication. This phase includes theoretical classes, studio sessions, and hands-on projects, fostering creativity and setting the stage for specialization. Lab 2 introduces international workshops and project weeks, exposing students to multicultural design challenges and refining their conceptual and technical skills.

Internships play a pivotal role in the program, offering real-world experiences in India, Europe, and America. Short internships provide a glimpse into the creative industries, while long internships, lasting 4-6 months, allow students to apply their skills in professional settings, often taking on full responsibility for client projects.

Specialization and Global Exposure

As students progress to Labs 3 and 4, the focus shifts towards advanced concepts, communication, and professionalization. Concepts & Communication with Design (Lab 3) builds on the technical foundation, emphasizing aesthetics, teamwork, and live client assignments. Students can opt for a semester-long exchange program in France during this phase.

Lab 4, the final semester, gears students towards the professional realm. It integrates economic realities and industry context with personal creativity, addressing brand problems through design. The program culminates in a curated portfolio, comprehensive industry experience, and a mindset primed for the design landscape.

International Master’s Diploma in France

For those seeking a more extensive global experience, the program offers a 2-year International Master’s Diploma in France. The first year covers a full-time study program, encompassing editorial design, packaging, brand design, marketing, and strategic planning. The second year includes apprenticeships, live projects, and a diverse range of subjects such as digital artistic direction, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship.

Admissions Process

Eligibility for the program extends to students who have completed grade 12 or higher, demonstrating a passion for design and creative flair. The admission process involves a creative intelligence test, a personal interview, and a portfolio evaluation. The application form, high school transcripts, and proof of address are turned in by prospective students. A creative aptitude test and interview follow, with the option to bring a creative portfolio for transfer students.

Enroll in graphic design courses to begin this transformative journey of mastering the craft and uncovering a universe of limitless creative opportunities. The program’s comprehensive approach, real-world exposure, and international opportunities ensure that graduates are well-equipped for success in the dynamic field of visual communication courses.


Unveiling the graphic design courses near you is not just a pursuit of academic excellence; it’s a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and professional readiness. Students can choose between the extensive International Master’s Diploma and the complete undergraduate programme, both of which provide them with the global perspective, skills, and attitude needed to succeed in the rapidly changing field of graphic design.  As graduates step into the professional world, they carry with them not only a curated portfolio but a holistic understanding of design that goes beyond aesthetics – it’s about making a lasting impact in a visually-driven world.

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