The lyrics “I wanna put you in 7 positions for 70 minutes” are from the song “Rain” by the American R&B singer and songwriter SWV. Released in 1997 as part of the group’s album “Release Some Tension,” the song was a notable addition to the R&B and soul music scene of the time. The lyrics in question, while intriguing and sensuous, raise questions about their meaning and context in the song. In this article, we’ll explore the lyrics and their place in the music and discuss the significance of such lyrics in the broader landscape of R&B.

The Lyrics in Context:

In “Rain,” the lyrics “I wanna put you in 7 positions for 70 minutes” are part of a sensuous and intimate exploration of desire and longing. The song’s lyrics are filled with romantic and passionate imagery as they describe the desire for an intense and prolonged physical connection with a loved one.

While the line “7 positions for 70 minutes” is rather explicit in its suggestion, it’s important to view it within the broader context of the song. “Rain” is a slow and sultry R&B ballad that captures the essence of romantic yearning and the physical expression of love. The lyrics are meant to evoke a sense of intimacy and passion, and the specific duration mentioned is a poetic way of expressing the desire for an extended and fulfilling experience with a partner.

Romantic and Sensuous Imagery:

SWV’s “Rain” is known for its romantic and sensuous lyrics that celebrate the beauty of physical intimacy within a loving relationship. The song’s lyrics create a vivid picture of the emotional and physical connection between two people in love. Lines like “The rain from my precious pearl” and “Let’s go at it for hours, nothing can compare” emphasize the depth of the emotional and physical connection being described.

R&B’s Tradition of Sensuality:

R&B music has a long tradition of sensuality and romanticism in its lyrics. Many R&B songs explore themes of love, desire, and physical intimacy, often in a poetic and artful manner. The use of explicit or evocative imagery in R&B lyrics is a way of conveying the depth of emotions and the physical aspects of romantic relationships.

Double Entendre:

The lyrics in “Rain” also employ a clever use of double entendre. While they overtly describe a desire for physical intimacy, they can also be interpreted as a metaphor for the desire to deeply connect with a loved one emotionally and spiritually. This dual meaning adds layers to the song’s lyrics, making them more complex and open to interpretation.

Impact and Reception:

“Rain” by SWV received positive reviews and was a commercial success upon its release. The song’s sensuous lyrics and smooth melody resonated with R&B fans and contributed to the group’s popularity. While the explicit nature of the lyrics may have raised eyebrows for some, it is not uncommon in the R&B genre, where sensuality and desire are often explored through lyrical expression.


The lyrics “I wanna put you in 7 positions for 70 minutes” from SWV’s “Rain” are an example of sensuous and poetic expression in R&B music. They are a part of a broader narrative within the song that celebrates the emotional and physical aspects of a loving relationship. In the context of the song, these lyrics serve as a means to evoke the depth of passion and desire between two people in love. R&B music, as a genre, has a rich tradition of exploring themes of love and sensuality through its lyrics, and SWV’s “Rain” is a notable example of this tradition. While the lyrics are explicit, they are ultimately a reflection of the complexity of human emotions and the many ways they can be expressed through music.


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